1. Review Responses  ·  under review

  2. Improve functionality of the 'response' feature  ·  under review

  3. Allow basic html in responses


  5. Add crime data in addition to sex offender data.

  6. Email Notification for responses or updated reviews

  7. Not try to hide responses to reviews

  8. Stop charging $350 for a management company to post any response to the listings! This isn't going to get a fair response.

  9. Let us log in after entering a response!

  10. who is responsible to answer our question...(Draiush Borbor,APT # 274 Beaumont

  11. Timely response.. the ability to change or delete a review

  12. Post crime data such as car thefts, burglaries, assaults, etc.

  13. Apartment Ratings Data Skewed  ·  under review

  14. provide proper data attribution to OpenStreetMap on all your slippy maps.

  15. Is there a way to print a report that includes all reviews for a property? Including all comments/responses? As opposed to having to click o

  16. Auston Woods apartment homes. The best apartments one can live in which are clean, management response is prompt. Safe and very clean yard

  17. If this site is legit how is it possible that I post an honest review and it automatically gets a management response the SECOND I post it.  ·  completed

  18. Prevent companies like T&R Properties and Crystal Lake Apartments,Hilliard Ohio from "hiding" & "blocking" negative reviews & complaints

  19. Add real crime data to your safety. Sex Offenders are usually 18 yr olds caught w/lying 15 yr old.  ·  under review

  20. "Anonymous" postings are not anonymous.....

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